Trade, import and export of goods

SHN Hanoi General Investment Corporation

Supplying materials and goods to factories:

Providing coal products for production:

SHN’s supply of coal comes from famous domestic suppliers such as: Vietnam Coal – Mineral Industry Group, Dong Bac Corporation and many other large units with full legal capacity. Providing coal to serve all domestic production needs with a total output of about 5,000,000 tons/year selected by SHN company according to strict procedures with a large warehouse system in Quang Ninh and Hai Duong to ensure supply. Stable, long-term supply of goods for production activities of factories and enterprises that are SHN’s companions.

The results have been achieved

– Coal output supplied to thermal power plants:

+ 2018: 820,000 tons
+ 2019: 2,561,000 tons
+ January 2020 – August 2020: 1,294,000 tons

– Coal output imported from Australia, Russia, South Africa and Spain:

+ 2019: 40,000 tons
+ First 8 months of 2020: 300,000 tons


+ Co Kenh coal mine, Northeast Coal Corporation, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group, other commercial coal companies

+ SGS, Vinacontrol, Qua Control companies

Providing limestone for production:

Limestone is an important raw material used in construction projects and especially in the process of treating smoke discharged into the environment from thermal power plants. Realizing the potential of this product, SHN Company has signed contracts with major suppliers in Quang Ninh province (the main source of limestone supply in the North) with a quantity of more than 500,000 tons. /year.

Providing industrial and laboratory chemicals:

The chemical products SHN is currently providing are very diverse in product type and origin, including chemicals for production, environmental treatment, and measurement experiments… Large suppliers such as Kim Nguu Chemical and Equipment Import-Export Joint Stock Company are a reliable source of goods for SHN company.

Providing coal, lime, chemicals, raw materials, fuel, supplies... for Thang Long thermal power plant

Thang Long Thermal Power Plant is the first private thermal power plant in Vietnam approved by the Prime Minister on July 29, 2011 with a capacity of 2×300 MW. The project investor is Thang Long Thermal Power Joint Stock Company – GELEXIMCO. The project is built in Le Loi commune, Hoanh Bo district with a total area of 123.44 hectares, with a total project investment of more than 22,000 billion VND. Implementing investment and putting into operation the Thang Long Thermal Power Plant Project, located in the largest thermal power center of the country, is very important for socio-economic development, energy security and industrialization and modernization process of Quang Ninh province and the Northeast region of the country in general.

Exports of goods:

  • Importing coal from Indonesia, Russia, Australia…
  • Importing and exporting agricultural products from Europe and the Middle East to sell to Asian markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam…).
  • Exporting drinking water to the Middle East and South Asia markets